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We are the bridge between Clients, Providers and the Insurance Companies.

SCMS Insurance Services is an education-based insurance agency focused on assisting clients through the entire process of Medicare. We are trusted providers who offer free, neutral explanations on the vast array of Medicare products, ensuring every available option is easily accessible. Our award-winning services go beyond the enrollment phase, to promote wellness and stress-free solutions for our clients. Because at SCMS, we want people to feel at home.

Our 70+ certified Medicare Supplement Insurance Providers or agents are qualified to help clients navigate the sea of Medicare products. In the last 5 years alone, we’ve assisted enrolling over 26,000 clients into Medicare; that’s enough people to fill the entire Indian Wells Tennis Garden stadium. Because our team delivers exceptional service, we’ve created a solid reputation and reliable referral base. Joining our trusted network can bring your business positive exposure.

With over 25 years as a licensed insurance agent, Tim Altman is recognized as the go-to Medicare resource among clients, agents, and providers. Tim and his team excel at delivering custom enrollment options to thousands of people needing to switch to Medicare. To ensure outstanding service, Tim has vetted and educated producers from the Pacific Northwest to Southern California. As the son of a former long-serving Palm Desert City Manager, Tim is community-minded and has strong local ties to the Palm Desert area. Tim’s personalized approach has resulted in building long-lasting relationships with clients, agents, and providers.

Medicare Insurance Agency Palm Desert
Medicare Insurance Agency Palm Desert


Medicare is our focus for a reason. It’s complex and saturated with choices. No one has to go at it alone. Adding to the confusion are the numerous mail solicitations from insurance carriers, leaving people unsure as to which plan best fits their situation. More importantly, these ever-changing programs require ongoing education to stay current. You only get accessible, fair, and free Medicare solutions with us.

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